About the Ikea Billy project

It all starts with an idea.

An idea, a fleeting thought that in time manifested itself in a well-crafted plan. If you’ve found this place inside the web, you’ve probably been looking for inspiration to customize your Ikea Billy bookcase – you have an idea, too.

My idea was characterized by the fact that I always wanted to have a large bookcase in the style of a small library. A few years ago, I was inspired by the manufacturer Paschen, who showed very nice libraries on his website.

In any case after a search it quickly became clear to me that the Paschen libraries were moving in very high spheres in terms of price. I had to look for alternatives.

I have never been an absolute opponent of IKEA furniture. Almost every student grows up with an Ikea furniture. Ikea isn´t really bad from the quality and they have a convincing nice design. In addition, in some areas of the furniture industry (such as kitchen furniture) even well-known manufacturers hardly differ in terms of the materials used.

An IKEA furniture is not bad – it is just not very individual and present in almost every student apartement.

Ikea can be different too.

With Ikea you can realize your project. Certain DIY projects can be realized very easily with IKEA furniture as each part and spare parts are available at the local Ikea store or online.

After the idea the plan matured …

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