Step 9 – installing the Baseboard

Due to the elevation of all bookcases shown in step 2, the raised pedestal must be clad. In advance this was planned so that a 140mm skirting board will fit perfectly from height. The baseboard is provided in the raw state with a white primer foil. The baseboards were all first cut and then painted. Unfortunately, even the large Metabo KGS 305 M saw can not cut 140 mm skirting boards vertically. The cuts with flat placed baseboards are usually not precise, so that after assembly all must be repeatedly filled and sanded to conceal the inadequacy of this method of cutting.

After the putty work and final fine sanding the areas are painted over. Next the gap between the baseboards and the Billys body middle part is to be closed. The gap is due to the fact that the side walls of the Billy bookcases are slightly standing over. With the right tool filling the gap with acrylic is easy. This requires a removal and caulking tool with a trained 90 ° corner, acrylic sealant and smoother.

The final result is satisfactory. The base has a few millimeters of air up to the doors and fits harmoniously into the overall picture.

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